Virsa™ Raman Analyser

The world’s only Raman system with remote probes capable of automatic focus-tracking.


The Virsa fibre-optic-coupled Raman analyser enables you to take your spectroscopic analysis away from the confines of the laboratory microscope to new samples and environments.

Using LiveTrack™ focus-tracking technology and Monitor™ software, the Virsa system can easily perform real-time analysis on samples that have irregular surfaces, are changing shape as they undergo phase changes, and that move, such as those on production lines.


  • High performance portable fibre coupled Raman system
  • High spatial resolution x/y <1 µm, z <2 µm
  • Live white light sample viewing for accurate sample targeting
  • Motorised x/y/z stack that enables accurate objective positioning for single point or mapping purposes
  • Work with objective lens pointing downwards or horizontally