The data logger for meteorological monitoring


E-log has been explicitly designed for environmental applications: it is equipped with specific inputs for a wide range of sensors and calculations of derived quantities. E-Log stores the data from the connected sensors and supports different communication protocols both in input and output. Robust and reliable, E-Log makes measurements possible even in the most severe environments, while the 16-bit A/D converter ensures accurate and reliable data in classic meteorological, hydrological and air quality applications and – more generally – in any environmental application.



  • N. 8/16 analog inputs, n.4 digital inputs,;
  • Input extension using MASTER/SLAVE configurations;
  • Extremely low power consumption;
  • N. 99 measurements between channels for sensor acquisition and derived quantities;
  • Internal library for calculating derived quantities and mathematical calculations;
  • 8MB Flash Memory;
  • Modbus-RTU Master/Slave, TTY protocols;
  • Transmission (push) of data in ASCII format with FTP protocols;
  • N. 2 RS232 ports (ELO3305);
  • N. 1 RS232 port and N. 1 RS485 port (ELO3305.1);
  • Digital outputs to implement external devices with programmable logics or events;
  • Acquisition rate from 1 s to 12 hours;
  • Elaboration rate from 1 s to 12 hours;
  • Connection to the PC via RS232 (USB/Ethernet/Modem GPRS with external accessories);
  • Display and keyboard.


Download: MW9005-ENG-04-E-Log


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