X-Auto Auto sampler


X-Auto is a 25 position automatic sample changer designed

to maximise the efficiency of your benchtop NMR.

Save time and maximise throughput by automating data

acquisition across many samples and NMR active nuclei.

Work smarter, and more remotely by integrating the X-Auto autosampler with your X-Pulse broadband benchtop NMR system:

  • 25 positions for 5 mm diameter NMR tubes
  • Use varying length (minimum 20 cm) or non standard tubes
  • All controlled from within the SpinFlow software
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic sample detection to simplify loading and unloading


Control all parameters intuitively from within the SpinFlow software:

  • Add single or multiple experiments with a single click
  • Customise experiments using the full flexibility of the advanced mode
  • Add or remove samples whenever you need to, even during running queues
  • Intuitively drag and drop to reorder experiments, samples or even rerun completed experiments
  • Easily interleave set-up routines with experiments to ensure all data is acquired under optimal conditions


Configure autosampler


Download: Brochure X-Auto NMR