Vertex AFM

Infinite Sample AFM


The World’s First Infinite Sample AFM

The world’s first Infinite Sample AFM. Enabled by ICSPI’s AFM-on-a-chip
technology, the Vertex AFM enables non-destructive nanoscale metrology
of ultra-large samples. The Vertex AFM is the first AFM that transforms to
fit the sample you need to measure, removing the need for invasive sample
extraction procedures.

With integrated wireless connectivity and all-day battery life, the Vertex
AFM is able to be flexibly deployed wherever 3D nanoscale data is required,
whether it be an aircraft wing, oil pipeline or nuclear reactor, all without
leaving a scratch. The small size and weight of the Vertex AFM, along with
its exceptional intrinsic vibration immunity enables it to be used wherever it
is needed – in the field, production line or laboratory.

Vertex AFM–The World’s First
Infinite Sample AFM

• Wireless
• Portable
• Battery operated
• Field applications
• Remote operation
• Online process control
• Nanoscale resolution 3D
• Fast scans – 80 sec
• Non-destructive
• Mounting orientation
(vertical, horizontal)


Dimensions:20 x 15 x 10 cm
Operation mode: Tapping
Images: Topography, Phase
X-Y-Z Scan Range: 20 x 20 x 10 μm
Resolution: < 0.5 nm
Scan Speed: 80 sec
Max resolution: 1024 x 1024 pixels
Wireless Connectivity: WIFI 802.11n, Bluetooth 5
Battery: 12,000 mWh
Charger Power Supply: 110-240 VAC
Software: Windows 10, 11

Vertex AFM Brochure


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