Reach a new level in sample throughput

The elemental analyzer vario MAX cube is optimized for carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur determination by high-temperature combustion in organic samples up to 5 g. The analyzer is designed for unattended 24/7 operation and addresses the needs of any high-throughput laboratory facing larger sample weights, diverse sample types, and significant ash content. Without the need for time-consuming sample preparation, and thanks to the integrated 90-position autosampler and the automated ash removal technology, you can rely on unattended overnight operation to maximize sample throughput and increase laboratory efficiency.


Highlights of the vario MAX cube

Largest weighing range and sample volume

thanks to large, re-usable crucibles for sample weights up to 5 g / 5 ml

Highest sample throughput

due to fast analysis (5 min), automated sample feeding and ash removal

Simplified sample preparation and analysis of challenging samples

of a wide range of sample matrices thanks to the upright crucible design and unique post-combustion technology

Free choice of carrier gas (argon or helium)

for maximum independence from rising gas prices or supply bottlenecks


Largest weighing range and sample volume
The vario MAX cube offers the largest weighing range and sample volume in carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur analysis. Thanks to the large, re-usable crucibles, samples up to 5 g / 5 ml can be easily weighed and placed onto the autosampler. The analyzer can be set up in CNS or CN mode to ensure an optimal configuration, tailor-made to your analytical demands. The vario MAX cube offers also the largest detection range and is capable of resolving e.g. C:N elemental ratios of up to 7000:1, achieved by our Advanced Purge and Trap (APT) technology that delivers analysis results with highest precision and accuracy, also down to the lower ppm range.

Highest sample throughput thanks to a high level of automation and low maintenance

With only 5 minutes analysis time, the vario MAX cube offers fast analysis in a wide variety of sample types. The analyzer is designed for unattended, 24/7 operation and high sample throughput, achieved by integrated automation features such as the anytime reloadable 90-position autosampler and the automatic ash removal. For samples as soils and sediments which contain high amounts of ash, this drastically increases instrument uptime. Due to the long-lasting calibration, the vario MAX cube offers highest long-term stability and avoids frequent, time-consuming calibration procedures. This results in extremely low maintenance and highest system uptime. Whenever maintenance is necessary though, our user-friendly clamp connections system ensures a tool-free maintenance experience, while the slide-out furnace gives access to all important parts and guarantees a comfortable working posture.

Simplified sample preparation and CNS analysis of challenging samples due to crucible technology and unique post-combustion

The unique post-combustion technology of the vario MAX cube ensures a complete digestion of even challenging sample matrices like fatty substances. The upright crucible design allowing large sample volumes make the analysis of inhomogeneous samples unproblematic and effortless. Grinding or milling of the sample can therefore often be omitted without affecting reliable data quality, simplifying sample preparation and saving precious time. The vario MAX cube also enables the most reliable analysis of liquid samples thanks to its efficient three-step gas drying process.

 Maximum independence in carrier gas choice

For maximum independence from rising gas prices or supply bottlenecks, the vario MAX cube may be operated with either helium or argon as carrier gas. This provides absolute independence from rising helium prices or uncertainties in supply. Furthermore, the use of inexpensive argon as carrier gas yields even lower cost per analysis than the use of more costly helium.

 Future-proof thanks to 10 years warranty

Thanks to the outstanding robustness and longevity of our vario MAX cube, we grant a 10-year warranty on the high-temperature combustion furnace and thermal conductivity detector (TCD) cell. With our long-term oriented dedication to technical support, we provide spare parts for a minimum of 10 years. This results in outstanding low total cost of ownership, giving you confidence in return of investment.

 Product details


The vario MAX cube is optimized for the analysis of:

  • CNS
  • CN
  • N
  • TOC*
  • TIC*

* optionally available

Analytical specifications

 Maximum sample weight 

Up to 5 g or 5 ml

 Element concentration range 

Largest concentration range
C: up to 300 mg (up to 500 mg*) absolute, from 0 – 100 %
N: up to 500 mg absolute, from 0 – 100 %
S: up to 15 mg absolute, from 0 – 100 %


< 0.1 % absolute (100 mg glutamic acid), depending on sample type, analysis mode, and configuration

 Analysis time 

~ 3-4 min per element, self-optimizing according to element content and sample weight. Depending on sample type, analysis mode, and configuration.

* optionally available

Technical specifications

The vario MAX cube offers high-temperature combustion at up to 1,200 °C, facilitating subsequent gas analysis. The CN and CNS analysis is compliant with current ISO, EN, DIN, AOAC and other national and international standards.


Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD), Infrared Detector* for sulfur

Sample introduction 

Sample introduction via integrated 90 positions autosampler, reloadable during analysis

Maximum furnace temperature 

1,200 °C

Instrument control 

Windows® based vario MAX cube operating software with LIMS integration and auto sleep and wake-up function for automated and unattended overnight operation. 21 CFR Part 11 functionality available.*

Required gases 

Helium or argon and oxygen


63 x 55 x 106 cm (W x D x H)

* optionally available

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