VAPODEST can determine more than just nitrogen


Whether you want to perform nitrogen analysis according to Kjeldahl or steam distillation of volatile acidssulphur dioxideTVB-N, ammonium, formaldehyde, phenol, alcohol, vicinal diketones or hydrogen cyanide, you will not want to miss VAPODEST anymore.

  • Rapid: 4 minutes distillation time
  • Safe: highest protection of user and work environment
  • Economical: long-lasting with low operating costs


  • Compliant: exceeds international standards such as EN/ISO, AOAC, DIN, EPA, ASTM, GAFTA.



Start Kjeldahl distillation easily and fast

As a distillation unit, VAPODEST operates almost by itself:

  • Programmable addition of chemicals, distillation time, steam power and “Soft Start” to save you numerous manual steps
  • Intuitive, guided navigation via touchscreen – as easy as on your smartphone, even with lab gloves on
  • Method library that saves you time and rules out input data errors

Your advantage: you save time and resources while increasing the reproducibility of your analysis results.


Safety is a top priority with VAPODEST

To determine nitrogen according to Kjeldahl, there is no way around working with aggressive substances. But it’s good to know that VAPODEST’s clever design protects you from contact with hazardous substances throughout the distillation and analysis process.

VAPODEST is routinely equipped with the following safety features:

  • An illuminated distillation chamber to let you keep everything in view
  • A self-diagnosis feature that detects errors early and switches automatically to a safe mode.
  • Clever design for protection against unintentional contact with hazardous substances
  • “Soft Start” feature for controlled reactions even when analysing reactive substances

And if something does get spilled: all surfaces are easy to clean.


The right Kjeldahl accessories when needed

Our special Kjeldahl containers let you process even strongly foaming samples easily and safely. To determine nitrogen and proteins according to Kjeldahl in larger sample volumes, we also offer the appropriate containers. Our VAPODEST 450 distillator in combination with a titrator will take you directly to the analysis. Your benefit: everything comes from a single source and is matched to perfection.


Conveniently planned maintenance

Our VAPODEST steam distillers are in step with your annual inspection interval so you do not have to memorize the number of the service technician. Perfectly matched working lives of wearing parts and VAPODEST’s modular design make maintenance easy and plannable. Your benefit: call for the service technician once a year or after 5,000 samples, have components replaced and continue distilling undisturbed.

The chemical-resistant housing and the high-quality, validated components mean you can enjoy working with your distillation system for longer and benefit from lower total operating costs. A clever and individually controllable resource management system, e.g. for cooling water use and stand-by mode, minimizes your operating costs further.


Benefit from 130 years of experience with Kjeldahl instruments

At C. Gerhardt you will find a competent expert to consult at all times, from your first contact, to configuration and implementation, to support during operation. Together we will determine your requirements and configure your Kjeldahl distillation system, so it best meets your needs.


Downloads: Brochure Vapodest Series


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