VAPODEST 550 and 550 C – optimised for the automated determination of formaldehyde and sulphur dioxide (SO2)


The methods for the determination of formaldehyde and sulphur dioxide (SO2) are usually time-consuming for laboratories because the titration has to be carried out manually. However, C. Gerhardt has now automated just this time-consuming titration with the new VAPODEST 550 and the VAPODEST 550C.

  • Robust – Acid-resistant construction
  • Flexible – Integrated applications for formaldehyde and SO2
  • Efficient – Up to 20 samples in series (VAPODEST 550 C)


Suitable for particularly demanding applications

The acid-resistant construction guarantees consistently reliable results with low wear and tear. The automatic addition of phosphoric acid via an acid-proof pump still works with the necessary precision even after countless analytical tasks.

In addition, the VAPODEST 550 with its sophisticated design protects against accidental contact with hazardous substances.


Automation of the analytical workflow

The entire analysis process of the standard procedures for formaldehyde and sulphur dioxide determination is fully automated. Distillation, titration and the subsequent calculation of results are carried out independently by the systems. Thanks to programmed methods and titration tables specially adapted for alkaline titration, a process-optimised analysis is achieved. The automatic addition of reagents prevents, among other things, the loss of analytes.


Automatic or fully automatic?

The analytical systems are based on the proven VAPODEST steam distillation systems. This means that you benefit from all the strengths of the series, such as the extensive safety equipment, cost-effective maintenance, convenient operation and simple integration into the laboratory network.

The VAPODEST 550 / 550 C is an “all-in-one” solution – thanks to the automatic titrimetric determination, additional instruments are not necessary.
Depending on the sample volume, you can choose between 2 systems:

  • VAPODEST 550 – Automatic analysis, only the glass change is done manually
  • VAPODEST 550 C – Fully automatic system for serial sample processing



Dimensions (B x T x H) 527 x 390 x 697 mm – VAPODEST 550
960 x 600 x 1670 mm – VAPODEST 550 C
Weight 44 kg – VAPODEST 550
205 kg – VAPODEST 550 C




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