Titramax VT WATER – Volumetric water determination in liquids


The water content of liquids can be easily determined with the Titramax VT WATER . The measurement is based on the volumetric titration according to the Karl Fischer method. The water titrator works quickly and precisely over a large measuring range.

The titrator meets the requirements of the standards ASTM D 4377, ASTM D 6869, ASTM E 203, DIN 51777, IP 356, IP 471, ISO 10336, ISO 6296, Pharmacopoeia .

The measurement curve, the current drift and the titration agent consumption are shown on the display during the titration process. Standard methods for various applications are preinstalled.

The water determination is based on a potentiometric titration in an anhydrous medium. The titration starts when the sample has been dosed into the reagent. The sample weight is entered in the menu. The titration is automatically carried out up to the end point of the measurement.

The result is shown in ppm water, but can also be shown in other units.



The water content of alcoholic solutions and similar liquids can be determined with the Titramax VT WATER :

  • Methanol
  • Isopropanol
  • Glycol
  • other organic liquids


  • Complete measuring station for water determination
  • Fully automatic volumetric titration
  • Precise control of the titration parameters using special control algorithms
  • Immediately ready for operation thanks to pre-installed measuring programs
  • Formula generator for individual result output