Titramax VT TAN/TBN – Determination of the acid or base number of oils and fats


The Titramax VT TAN/TBN is used to determine the total acid number (TAN) or total base number (TBN) of oils and fats. The acid number expresses the amount of base required to neutralize all acidic components in the sample. It is a quality feature for the freshness of oils and fats. The base number, on the other hand, describes the amount of acid that can be neutralized by the additives contained in mineral oils.

The titrator meets the requirements of the standards ASTM D 664, DIN 51558, IEC 62021-1, Pharmacopoeia (TAN) and ASTM D 2896, ASTM D 4739, ISO 3771, UOP 269 (TBN) .

The determination is based on an anhydrous, potentiometric titration. The oil or fat sample is dissolved in the reagent, then the titration with the titrant starts. The sample amount is entered in the menu.

The titration process is adjusted precisely and reliably to the reaction speed using special control algorithms. The titration is automatically carried out up to the end point of the measurement. The result is shown in mg KOH/g oil, but can also be shown in other units.



The TAN/TBN value is an indicator of the age and quality of oils and fats. The titrator is suitable for the analysis of

  • transformer oil,
  • natural and artificial fats,
  • petroleum products,
  • lubricants,
  • Food fats (olive oil, butter)



  • Complete measuring station for TAN/TBN determination
  • Fully automatic volumetric titration
  • Precise control of the titration parameters using special control algorithms
  • Immediately ready for operation thanks to pre-installed measuring programs
  • Formula generator for individual result output