Titramax VT BROMINE – Determination of the bromine index or bromine number of hydrocarbons


The bromine index or bromine number describes the amount of unsaturated compounds in hydrocarbons and oils. The bromine consumption for the cleavage of the double and multiple bonds is determined during the titration. The value is required to set parameters for further processing of petroleum products.

The Titramax VT BROMINE meets the requirements of the ASTM D 1159, ASTM D 2710 and ASTM D 5776 standards .

The measurement is based on a potentiometric titration in an anhydrous medium. The titration starts when the sample has been dosed into the reagent. The sample amount is entered in the menu. The titration is automatically carried out up to the end point of the measurement.

The result is presented in mg Br 2 /100 g (bromine index) or g Br 2 /100 g (bromine number).


The Titramax VT BROMINE is suitable for the analysis of

  • petroleum distillates
  • Gasoline (including leaded, unleaded and oxygenated fuels)
  • Kerosene
  • Distillates gas/oil
  • commercial propylene trimer and tetramer
  • butene dimer
  • Mixtures of nonenes, octenes, heptenes
  • olefin-free hydrocarbons or mixtures


  • Complete measuring station for determining the bromine index or bromine number
  • Fully automatic volumetric titration
  • Precise control of the titration parameters using special control algorithms
  • Immediately ready for operation thanks to pre-installed measuring programs
  • Formula generator for individual result output


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