Titramax VT ALKALINITY – Determination of the carbonate and bicarbonate hardness of water



The carbonate and bicarbonate hardness of water samples can be determined with the Titramax VT ALKALINITY . In natural waters, alkalinity is mainly based on hydroxyl ions in the free state and the salts of carbonate and bicarbonate – in addition to borates, silicates and phosphates.

The titrator meets the requirements of the standards ASTM D 1121, DIN EN ISO 787-4, DIN ISO 125, ISO 10539 .

The measurement is based on the volumetric titration with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid (0.01 – 0.1 mol/L).

The water sample is dosed into the reagent, then the titration with the acid starts. The sample amount is entered in the menu. The titration process is adjusted precisely and reliably to the reaction speed using special control algorithms. The titration is automatically carried out up to the end point of the measurement.

The result is shown in mg/L CaCO 3 or mmol/L °dH (degrees of German hardness), but can also be shown in other units.


Alkalinity values ​​form the basis for the correct dosing of chemicals for the treatment of water and waste water, especially in softening and flocculation.

The titrator is suitable for the analysis of

  • Drinking water
  • surface water
  • seawater
  • technical waters
  • Kesselwasser
  • cooling water


  • Complete measuring station for alkalinity determination
  • Fully automatic volumetric titration
  • Precise control of the titration parameters using special control algorithms
  • Immediately ready for operation thanks to pre-installed measuring programs
  • Formula generator for individual result output


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