Thermosorb-N (Air Sampling)




The Thermosorb-N air sampling cartridge is the perfect solution for monitoring nitrosamines levels in the air.

Nitrosamines are known carcinogens and exposure to them should be limited.  Monitoring of airborne nitrosamines should be performed to ensure that the environments people are operating are safe.  The Thermosorb-n air sampling cartridges are designed specifically for the collection of airborne nitrosamines.

The Thermosorb-N has been designed with the user in mind. The integral clip easily attaches to most work clothes’ pockets or lapels and permits easy removal. The Thermosorb-N is designed to be used with personal sampling pumps. End Caps can be stored on the cartridge itself, so there is no more hunting around for them when sampling is finished, and the cartridge must be sealed.

The Large diameter of the Thermosorb-N Air sampler eliminates the need for a backup section in most applications. In cases where substantial concentrations of N-nitroso compounds are suspected, a second cartridge can be attached to the sampling system “piggyback” style.

The Data Log included with every Thermosorb-N air sampler provides coded labels for the sampler, analysis vials and mailing envelopes to help with sample labelling, as well as providing a convenient form of data entry. The sealable foil pouch provides additional security for transport to and from the field. As the Thermosorb-N air samplers are constructed of opaque plastic, there is no UV degradation of the sample.




Personal Monitoring


Work Place Monitoring


Vehicle Interiors


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