Strip Cutter 15mm or 25mm for HT-2PC

Strip Cutter for preparing long strips of samples, 15mm or 25mm wide, for Hot Tack and other testing.


The HT-2PC Strip Cutter has been specifically designed for cutting very long strips of material like that use on the RDM HT-2PC Hot Tack Tester but can be equally used for preparing the strip samples for normal heat sealing and strength testing applications.

The cutter has two blades mounted to a separate holder and therefore can be replaced easily when blunt. The blade holder is mounted onto a draw down carriage which is guided and running on two rails, this ensures parallel running and precise cutting.

A film clamp holds the film tightly to assist in the cutting of the material.

The blade block is set to cut either 15mm or 25mm wide samples, please specify the width required when ordering, other non-standard widths can be made to order.
With this system if the sample you are cutting is overlapped several times then a very long sample can be cut up to 10 meters in length.

Download: Brochure Strip Cutter 15mm or 25mm for HT-2PC