Fully automated and 4x faster than the conventional Soxhlet method


Fat determination in food and feedstuffs has never been so easy

Whether you are performing fat determination or residue and environmental analysis, its efficiency and safety make the SOXTHERM rapid extraction system stand out.

  • Fully automated – Increases throughput and frees up lab staff’s time
  • Fast – Extract up to 24 different samples in less than 2 hours
  • Resource-saving – Integrated solvent recovery saves you costs
  • Safe – Stay relaxed even during unattended operation, thanks to plug-in limit temperature connectors and explosion-proof construction


So easy to operate

Simply insert the extraction beaker and let the system run by itself – you’ll save valuable time. Fully automated and programmable processes increase the reproducibility of your analyses, no matter who the current user is. Thanks to the quick-start function, you can start your routine extraction directly on the unit itself. Enter changes to the program conveniently via computer or the external MULTISTAT control unit, and for up to 4 units in parallel. The well thought-out solvent recovery system lets you use your solvent several times, saving you time and resources.

Grows with your requirements

More than fat determination: the SOXTHERM is your reliable partner for fat determination in food products and feedstuffs as well as for sample preparation in residue and environmental analyses. The rapid extraction system can be easily expanded at any time if the sample volume increases or new analysis tasks are added.

Go into the next audit feeling relaxed

Look forward to your next audit with peace of mind. The control software logs and documents the entire extraction process.


The dream team for fully automated fat analysis

Combine fully automated SOXTHERM rapid extraction with the fully automated HYDROTHERM fat hydrolysis system and benefit from the only fully automated system for fat analysis on the market.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 250 x 410 x 580 mm (2-place)
405 x 410 x 580 mm (4-place)
565 x 410 x 580 mm (6-place)
Weight 28 kg (2-place)
36,5 kg (4-place)
43 kg (6-place)


Downloads: Brochure Soxtherm



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