soli TOC cube

Flexible temperature-dependent differentiation of carbon in solids


The determination of total organic carbon (TOC) in solids has recently become ever more important. Not just for evaluating wastes, the measurement of TOC content is also an important aspect of assessing soils. The soli TOC® cube offers the option of measuring not only total organic carbon (TOC) and total inorganic carbon (TIC), but also determining the residual oxidizable carbon (ROC). In addition to the TOC determination by direct and subtraction acidification methods, temperature programming can also be employed (TOC400). This requires neither sample preparation nor the use of acids and therefore saves time supporting efficient and sustainable laboratory routines.


Highlights of the soli TOC cube


Unmatched analytical performance

that is offered by the most sensitive instrument in the market with a limit of detection (LOD) of 10 ppm or < 15 μg


Autosampler for time saving operation

with 89 positions for secure, unattended 24/7 operation with automated ash removal

Simplified sample preparation

due to our advanced crucible technology reducing time-consuming homogenization steps

Unsurpassed measurement flexibility

thanks to different analytical possibilities and optional total nitrogen (TN) determination




Unmatched analytical performance with a limit of detection of 10 ppm

The soli TOC cube is the most sensitive instrument in the market. It offers an unmatched measurement range from 0.001 – 100 % carbon. For the determination of temperature-dependent carbon fractions, a precise, adjustable temperature with fast heating rates is required for reproducible measurements. This is achieved by the dynamic heater of the soli TOC cubes which controls the temperature directly at the crucible position. This eliminates all possible thermal interferences and guarantees stable combustion conditions. Additionally, the use of a post-combustion catalyst ensures that even high carbon-content samples are quantitatively oxidized and achieve equally high measurement quality. For a better separation of residual organic carbon (ROC) and total inorganic carbon (TIC), the soli TOC cube offers carrier gas switching as a standard feature.


Autosampler for time saving operation

The soli TOC cube is designed to significantly simplify the daily routine operation. The autosampler with 89 positions is optimized for unattended 24/7 operation. No time-consuming sample preparation due to the advanced temperature ramping and crucible technique: Just prepare your samples and start the analysis before you finish your workday and evaluate your analysis results at the next morning. The automated ash removal and clearly arranged, easily accessible system components minimize maintenance efforts. The tool-free clamp connection system ensures a reliably leak tight instrument at any time. Thus, you can enjoy smooth analyses and confidence in your results.

Simplified sample preparation

Thanks to our advanced crucible technology, larger samples up to 3 gram can be easily analyzed. Just weigh the solid samples in the reusable crucibles, no time-consuming homogenization needed. This makes the soli TOC cube the perfect instrument for the comfortable, precise analysis of inhomogeneous samples. Measurement of TOC according to EN 15936 is also remarkably simple. The sample is acidified directly in the ceramic crucible and after drying immediately measured with the instrument – simple, fast, and reliable.

Unsurpassed measurement flexibility for your analytical needs

The soli TOC cube offers different analytical possibilities and an optional total nitrogen (TN) determination. The analysis of carbon in liquids at a certain concentration level can also be performed with the soli TOC cube. It is capable of distinguishing between the different forms of carbon in solids by either temperature programming or a temperature program combined with gas switching. In a single program, the TOC400, ROC, and TIC900 can all be determined. Alternatively, the classical method of TOC analysis after pre-acidification and drying is also possible. Therefore, DIN 19539 and EN 15936/ ISO 10694 compliant analyses can be performed within only one instrument.


Analytical specifications

Analysis method

True temperature ramping in an oxygenated atmosphere up to 900 °C for TOC400, ROC and TIC900 determination in solids compliant with DIN 19539. Alternative gas switching for combination of oxidizing and non-oxidizing carrier gases in one course to separate ROC and TIC900. Catalytic combustion for the determination of TOC in solids compliant with EN 15936. Option for simultaneous TN determination with ECD.

Large detection range

From a few ppm up to 100% or 50 mg carbon and 20 mg (0–15%) nitrogen absolute (for the entire temperature ramp).

Easy sample preparation and handling

Without any special sample preparation, all kinds of solid samples are weighed into steel or ceramic sample crucibles (sample mass up to 3 g).

Fully automated operation

Automated and unattended operation is possible by the integrated 89 autosampler and PC-control through Windows®*. Furthermore, optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software is available.

In accordance with official standards

The soli TOC cube operates in full compliance with all relevant national and international norms or standards such as DIN 19539, EN 15936, ISO 10694, and EN 13137.


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