Oxygen analysis has never been more reliable


Experience highly accurate and precise oxygen analysis – even in the low ppm range – with our rapid OXY cube. This oxygen analyzer delivers matrix-independent results as sample pyrolysis takes place at 1,450 °C in an extra-long furnace hot zone. To enable trace oxygen analysis, the system blank is reduced to almost non-existent levels thanks to innovative sample introduction methods and a blank-free pyrolysis reactor made from glassy carbon. In the standard configuration, oxygen is detected as CO via a thermal conductivity detector. Thanks to our patented backflush technology, the target analyte CO is completely separated from interfering gases. To experience an unparalleled oxygen detection limit of 10 ppm, the rapid OXY cube can be equipped with an IR detector, which only responds to CO. The high sensitivity and linearity of this IR detector hold the key to oxygen analysis in the low ppm range.

Highlights of the rapid OXY cube

An unparalleled limit of detection

achieved via a highly sensitive and linear IR detector as well as a blank-free pyrolysis reactor

Highly precise, reliable oxygen analysis

a pyrolysis temperature of 1,450 °C guarantees matrix-independence

A nearly indestructible pyrolysis reactor

made of glassy carbon, which lasts up to ten thousand analyses and is inert to fluorinated samples

High operating comfort

delivered via tool-free maintenance, a liquid autosampler, and unattended overnight measurement capacities


Download: Flyer-rapid-OXY-cube-EN