Rapid MAX N Exceed

MAXimum performance in nitrogen and protein analysis


Experience nitrogen and protein analysis with increased laboratory efficiency. The rapid MAX N exceed nitrogen and protein analyzer operates according to the safe, simple, and eco-friendly Dumas combustion method and offers fast and cost-effective nitrogen and protein determination in just five minutes. Designed for unattended 24/7 operation, the analyzer addresses the needs of any high-throughput laboratory facing a wide range of sample types and weights. The rapid MAX N exceed stands for outstanding precision, sensitivity, and sample flexibility.


Highlights of the rapid MAX N exceed


Maximum sample flexibility

of a wide range of sample matrices thanks to the upright crucible design and unique post-combustion technology


Simplified sample preparation

due to large weighing ranges and sample volumes of up to 5 g / 5 ml



Highest sample throughput

due to fast analysis (5 min) and low maintenance


Lowest cost per sample

thanks to the use of EAS REGAINER® technology and optional argon as carrier ga


Maximum sample flexibility due to crucible design and unique post-combustion technology  

The upright crucible design of the rapid MAX N exceed enables nitrogen and protein analysis of any kind of sample, ranging from liquid samples such as milk, beer, soft drinks, juice, soy sauce, etc. to semiliquid samples like yogurt and mayonnaise to solids such as meat, cereals, and flour.  Combined with the unique post-combustion technology, complete and unmatched combustion of even challenging sample matrices is ensured.

Simplified sample preparation through largest weighing ranges and sample volumes  

The reusable and robust steel crucibles of the rapid MAX N exceed have a large capacity of 5 g / 5 ml and guarantee easy sample preparation for the largest weighing ranges and sample volumes for nitrogen and protein analysis. Grinding or milling of the sample can therefore often be omitted without affecting reliable data quality, simplifying sample preparation, and saving precious time.

Highest sample throughput due to low maintenance and fast analysis 

The rapid MAX N exceed offers the fastest nitrogen and protein determination in 5 minutes. Its 90 position autosampler, which is reloadable at any time, makes it easy to prioritize urgent samples at any time during a measurement run. Due to the innovative EAS REGAINER® technology, more than 1,000 samples can be run without the need to exchange the reducing agent. Additionally, our plug-and-play pre-filled EAS REDUCTOR® tube used for reduction saves valuable time. This results in outstanding low maintenance intervention for industry-leading system uptime in nitrogen and protein analysis. Our user-friendly clamp connections system ensures a tool-free maintenance and the slide-out furnace guarantees a comfortable working posture.

Lowest cost per sample thanks to EAS REGAINER® technology and argon as carrier gas 

A major cost factor of traditional Dumas nitrogen and protein analyzers is the reduction metals needed to bind excess oxygen and convert nitrogen oxides to molecular nitrogen. With our innovative patented EAS REGAINER® technology used in the rapid MAX N exceed, this cost has been greatly reduced. In continuous flow, the reducing agent EAS REDUCTOR® is regenerated during each combustion phase by the inexpensive EAS REGAINER®, enabling the analysis of up to 1,000 samples before replacing the EAS REDUCTOR® is necessary. Together with the use of argon instead of helium as carrier gas, the rapid MAX N exceed realizes the lowest cost per sample in nitrogen and protein analysis.

Future-proof thanks to 10 years warranty

Thanks to the outstanding robustness and longevity of our rapid MAX N exceed, we grant a 10-year warranty on the high-temperature combustion furnace and thermal conductivity detector (TCD) cell. With our long-term oriented dedication to technical support, we provide spare parts for a minimum of 10 years. This results in outstanding low total cost of ownership, giving you confidence in return of investment.

Analytical specifications

Maximum sample weight 

Up to 5 g or 5 ml

Element concentration range 

Large concentration range:
N: up to 500 mg absolute, from 20 ppm to 100 %


helium: < 0.05 % absolute (250 mg glutamic acid)
argon: < 0.15 % absolute (250 mg glutamic acid)

Analysis time 

~ 4-5 min, self-optimizing according to element content and sample weight


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