Polarograph TEA 4000


The TEA 4000 is a compact analyser with small place requirements which can be completely operated by a computer with the supplied measurement software.

A very reasonable purchase price and low operation expenses as well as the possibility to run off-grid with the optional battery pack makes the TEA 4000 polarograph the best solution for trace analysis – in the laboratory, in the factory and in the field.

Possible fields of applications

  • Quality assurance in the metal and electronics industry as well as in chemistry and food-production.
  • Investigation of waters and soil (environmental analysis).
  • Waste and process water monitoring.
  • Purity analysis in galvanic, metallurgy, etc. (ultra trace element analysis)
  • Tribodiagnostics in the engine industry.
  • and other applications.


Product features

  • Compact, minimum space requirements
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Can be used without expensive inert gases
  • Very low detection limits in partial areas
  • Easy sample preparation and short analysis time
  • Simultaneous detection of more than one element possibl
  • (Optional) Portable system for outdoor analysis


Measuring methods

  • DC Direct current
  • DCS Direct current stripping
  • DP Differential pulse
  • DPS Differential pulse stripping
  • CV Cyclic voltammetry



Cations (heavy metals), anions and organic compounds in liquid and solid samples (after appropriate digestion) and more.


Brochure TEA4000.pdf


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