Oxygen, temperature, and water content

Designed and manufactured for continuous measurements in extremely severe situations


Wide range of sensors for monitoring compost heaps during the bio-oxidation process.
These sensors are particularly robust and have been designed to be used continuously in corrosive materials.
Thanks to a stainless steel rod they can be inserted into the material to the desired depth.

Three available output signals:

  • Wireless (869 MHz radio)
  • Analog (0 ÷ 1 V)
  • Analog (4 ÷ 20 mA)
  • Digital (RS485-Modbus)

All signals are compatible with LSI Lastem data acquisition and management systems.



  • Sensors for continuous monitoring. This is an important difference compared to the majority of sensors on the market;
  • Made specifically for continuous measurements in extremely severe situations such as those typically found in industrial composting plants;
  • Equipped with all the technical details made over time by LSI Lastem in its long experience, which began in 2003, in measuring industrial composting plants;
  • Range of sensors with different outputs: Radio, 4 ÷ 20 mA and RS485;
  • Thanks to radio technology, and therefore to the absence of cables, it is easy to reposition the sensors;
  • Optimal solutions for complete data management: data loggers, software, communication devices, actuators, etc.;
  • 1 specific sensor for biofilters: measurement of temperature and water content with a light and handy probe.


Download: MW9004-ENG-01-Oxygen-Temperature-Water Content-inside materials


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