The benefits of the innovative FibreBag technology are not only available with the automatic FIBRETHERM. For laboratories with a low or fluctuating sample volume, we offer another system for fibre analysis: The manual FibreBag system.

This compact system is available with either one or six heaters and is ideal for processing from 1 to 36 samples simultaneously. Suitable for crude fibre determination as well as for the determination of ADF, NDF and ADL fractions in feed.

Manual fibre analysis made easy

The manual FibreBag systems make the determination of the crude fibre content very simple. The samples are placed in the sample carousel with the FibreBag and then set on the heater in a digestion vessel. Now you can perform the boiling and filtration process for 6 samples per digestion vessel. This creates space in the laboratory and reduces your costs for chemicals and energy many times over!

Advantage FibreBag

Just as with the automatic FIBRETHERM, the innovative FibreBags are also used in our manual system for fibre determination. The high-precision special fabric of the FibreBags not only enables reliable and reproducible results, but also higher sample weights. In fact, handling during the entire analytical process is much more convenient than with other standard solutions on the market.



Order data 10-0013 FibreBag-System, 6-place, manual, 230 V
10-0015 FibreBag-System, 36-place, manual, 230 V
(W x D x H)
250 x 230 x 600 mm – FibreBag-System, 6-place
900 x 230 x 600 mm – FibreBag-System, 36-place
Weight   5 kg – FibreBag-System, 6-place
17 kg – FibreBag-System, 36-place


Brochure Manual Fibre Analysis