LS Series – Up to 5 kN


By combining the LS materials testing machine with the NEXYGENPlus software and the grip that matches your sample, test type and the international standard requirements within your field, you get a powerful, high-precision, and highly specialized materials testing system that can perform a wide range of test types on materials such as plasticrubberelectronicstextileswoodpackagingmedical devices and cosmetics.

The LS materials testing machines from Lloyd Instruments are easy-to-use universal testing machines ideal for materials testing up to 5 kN (1124 lbf). The machines use high-accuracy interchangeable YLC Series load cells for tensioncompression and cycling through zero-force measurements, and they have an accuracy of ±0.5% from 1% to 100% of load cell value.

The LS Series have a large working area and come in three sizes and capacities: the LS1 (up to 1 kN/225 lbf), the LS2.5 (up to 2.5 kN/562 lbf) and the LS5 (5kN/1124 lbf).

These materials testing machines feature an integral control console with a multi-function keyboard and easy-to-read backlit LCD to display load and extension information. The control console displays prompts and menus, which guide the user through machine operations.

With the interchangeable grips and the wide range of test types in the NexygenPlus software, the LS materials testing machines are ideal for product development, production testing, and quality control.

The NexygenPlus software interacts with Excel and Word, offering you the possibility of automatically transferring your test results directly into your own corporate templates.

high speed version of the LS5 tester is available. With a test and return speed of 2032 mm/min (80 in/min) the LS5HS is ideal for high volume applications and automation solutions where focus on throughput is of essence.

LS Series Key Features:
– Simple to set up, operate and maintain
– Data sampling rate 8 kHz
– Save up to 600 test results
– 10 programmable test set-ups
– Multilingual and multi-unit display options as standard
– Export data directly into your Excel and Word templates
– High speed model is available for high volume applications testing