LCT Laboratory Carton Tester

The LCT combines three tests in one instrument – crease strength, box forming force and spring-back with optional friction testing for the ultimate carton analysis and quality assurance.


The consistent flow of cartons through form and fill machines is governed by two important parameters; crease quality and frictional forces between carton surfaces.

The LCT solution provides a measure of both these parameters. The instrument measures the torque required to fold the carton crease, as well as the coefficient of friction, which is the degree of slippage between the surfaces of adjacent cartons when fed from the magazine of the cartooning machine. Additionally, the instrument records the spring back force, which indicates the materials’ resilience after the crease is folded. This is important as it can effect the way the carton behaves during the forming process and can also cause glued flaps to spring open before the adhesive has had time to cure.

End users gain from an improved running efficiency on form and fill lines while converters gain from a reduction in rejected cartons.


  • Four Instruments in one:

 Fold – Form – Spring back – Friction

  • Measures torque as a function of folding angle
  • For cartons with creases up to 590 mm wide
  • For cartons up to 8 mm thick
  • Data capture and analytical HMI Touchscreen
  • Simple data export to .csv and .pdf


  • Carton board and micro flute primary packaging for FMCG, fragrances, drinks, lighting, etc.
  • Carton board and Corrugated secondary packaging
  • Packaging Converters
  • Packaging End Users


Download: Brochure LCT Laboratory Carton Tester


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