Iso PrecisION

The most flexible isotope ratio mass spectrometer ever created


isoprime precisION is the highest-performing stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) on the market, offering complete flexibility to move in any direction that your research leads. As your research grows into new and novel areas, you will need an instrument that can grow with your research while guaranteeing the highest performance for all analysis types. We have designed isoprime precisION to meet all of these needs.

Analytical power and flexibility is what isoprime precisION is about. With seamless integration of hardware and software delivered in a compact benchtop instrument, it is at the forefront of modern stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry.


Highlights of isoprime precisION

Great flexibility

Complete integration of all inlet systems, including novel inlets


High sensitivity

Analyze the most challenging samples with exceptionally high ion source sensitivity


Small footprint

Almost 50 % smaller than any other commercial stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer


High data quality

Achieve the highest analytical performance with the most precise instrument available


Great Flexibility

Stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry offers unique insight into a broad range of applications, due in part to the high degree of modularity in the available hardware. Our exceptional range of complimentary peripheral inlet systems provides ideal solutions, no matter the application.

We have designed isoprime precisION to seamlessly switch between all of your inlet systems with incredible ease, with the onboard centrION Continuous Flow Interface System automatically handling sample gases delivered by your inlet system. With its automated dilution, switching and standby mode, isoprime precisION delivers simplicity and flexibility to make your workflows more efficient.


High sensitivity

isoprime precisION is the most powerful stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer we have ever created, combining the highest performance with the greatest flexibility to provide the tools to answer the most demanding research questions.

The IRMS provides exceptional ionization efficiency of 1,100 molecules of CO2 per ion in continuous flow mode; when combined with our market-leading inlet peripherals, this results in the highest possible sample sensitivity. With the Advanced Purge and Trap (APT) technology offered by our range of elemental analyzers, the micro volume furnace design in our GC system and the unique UltiTrap technology offered by the iso FLOWstable isotope handling platform, you can be sure that isoprime precisION will help you to advance your research goals.


Small footprint

isoprime precisION packs a lot of technology into a very small footprint. We understand that more and more laboratories are increasingly congested, with many different types of analytical instrumentation putting space at a precious premium; by contrast, isoprime precisION is a high-performance, full-form stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer delivered in an incredibly compact benchtop form factor.


High-quality data

The lyticOS® software capabilities of isoprime precisION allow it to provide the very highest data quality for any research sphere.

Data quality is generally dependent on a number of factors, including sample preparation, analytical methodology and data interpretation. Thanks to lyticOS® Software Suiteand its Method Workflow Designer, standard methodologies can be fine-tuned, while completely bespoke methods can also be created for novel inlet systems, allowing all of these factors to be accounted for at all times.

lyticOS® also makes examining data quality very simple, with its instant statistical analysis and automatic multipoint multi-isotope calibrations ensuring that samples are analyzed consistently and robustly.


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