Inductar ONH Cube

Simultaneous ONH elemental analysis in metals and other inorganic materials


The inductar® ONH cube is an analyzer for the determination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, which combines highly accurate data with simple, clean, and automated processes. Using an innovative solid-state induction furnace for the first time in an inorganic ONH analyzer, it takes ONH determination in metals and other inorganic materials to the next level. The innovative and advanced design offers simultaneous and user-friendly ONH analysis, without the need for tedious cleaning operations. The analyzer is also available as OH and ON only configuration with the possibility to upgrade to the full ONH version at any time.



Highlights of the inductar ONH cube


Precise results without tedious cleaning

due to our innovative solid-state induction furnace technology


Outstanding instrument flexibility

to fulfill your analytical needs due to the customizable instrument concept that offers different modes, sample feeding options and detection options

Minimal operational requirements

without the need for external cooling or a high voltage power supply

Easy handling & low maintenance

because of the intuitive software and the user-friendly instrument concept for daily routine operation



Precise results & reduced maintenance without tedious cleaning

The innovative solid-state induction furnace brings ONH analysis to the next level. For the first time, it is technologically possible to use induction heating also for ONH analysis. By using smart instrument design and modern induction technology, the required temperatures of nearly up to 3,000 °C can be reached directly at the sample. Induction heating is in many respects advantageous for ONH analysis. The first advantage is obviously that no electrodes need to be frequently cleaned, which results in less maintenance and more reliable results. Secondly, as the graphite crucible is not in contact with cooled electrodes, the sample container can be completely outgassed to avoid unwanted blanks. Third, power and therewith the temperature can be smoothly controlled, which ensures best data quality.


Outstanding instrument flexibility

The customizable instrument concept of the inductar ONH cube offers a wide range of customization options, suitable for your applicational needs. For example, it offers two different detectors for hydrogen determination. The new and innovative electronic hydrogen sensor (EHS) enables fast & simultaneous ONH determination, without having water in the system (water IR). In the ONH configuration, ON, OH (H with thermal conductivity detector (TCD)) and H only measurement is also possible, depending on the analysis mode selected in the software. Besides the ONH configuration, the analyzer is also available as ON and OH only configuration. The two element configurations only operate in one mode, but an upgrade to the full ONH configuration is possible at any time. The customizable concept is completed by different sample feeding options including a manual sampler and a fully automated autosampler with 23 positions.

Minimal operational requirements

The inductar ONH cube has only very minimal operational requirements: Just 628 mm x 607 mm of bench space in the laboratory, one standard electrical connection (230 V) and only one gas supply are needed. The inductar ONH cube does not need any compressed air in addition to the carrier gas, as the sampler is controlled and moved completely electronically. The long living solid-state induction furnace is highly energy efficient. It reduces power consumption and only needs minimal cooling. No external heat exchanger or connection to the tap water needed. The complete cooling cycle is built inside of the instrument. This makes it incredibly easy to place the inductar ONH cube in your laboratory and saves bench space.

Easy handling & low maintenance

The inductar ONH cube is developed for unsurpassed user convenience and maximum robustness. The proprietary solid-state technology for the induction furnace ensures a virtually unlimited lifetime of components. Clearly arranged, easily accessible system components enable you to perform the few needed maintenance within seconds. The tool-free clamp connection system ensures a reliably leak tight instrument at any time. By design, no time-consuming tedious cleaning operations are needed. The lifetime of used reagents is monitored by automated indicators. The intuitive, user friendly software offers not only the easy control of the instrument, it also recognizes and prominently displays when maintenance work is needed.


Analytical specifications

Analysis method

The inert gas fusion analysis is conducted by melting a sample in inert gas atmosphere with helium (argon and nitrogen possible depending on sample and mode) at temperatures of nearly up to 3,000°C. This is followed by purifying the analytical gas flow and analyzing the subsequent gas output. The ONH analysis is conducted according to international standards.


Easy sample preparation and handling

There is no need for special sample preparation, meaning all kinds of solid samples can be analyzed if they fit into the ELCAPS ONH nickel capsules and their height does not exceed the capsule’s height. Samples up to 1 g can be handled. For powder samples it is highly recommended to close the nickel capsules with our inPress tool. For some analyses, further additives may be needed.


Innovative technology for simultaneous detection

The inductar ONH cube is the first ONH analyzer that works with a solid-state inductions furnace and is able to detect all three elements simultaneously. In the full ONH mode, the hydrogen content is quantitatively measured with the electronic hydrogen sensor (EHS), that is based on the principle of an electrochemical cell.


Linear single/multipoint calibration

You, as the instrument operator, will be guided through the calibration by an intuitive calibration assistant. The transparently calculated calibration is editable and storable. Furthermore, templates can be stored for future calibrations. The calibration is linear and stable for months.


Only few operational requirements

The instrument requires only 628 mm x 607 mm of laboratory working space and only needs one electrical connection (230 V) and one operating gas for maintenance-free, long-term operation. No external cooling required.


Different sample feeding options

The inductar ONH cube offers the choice from an automated sampler with 23 sample positions as well as a manual sampler with 2 sample positions.


Full automation

Automated and unattended operation is possible using the integrated 23 position autosampler and PC-control through Windows®*. Furthermore, optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software is available.



With manual sampler: 607 x 628 x 860 mm (W x D x H)

With autosampler: 607 x 628 x 1045 mm (W x D x H)

Download: Flyer-inductar-ONH-cube-EN