IG-340 – Handy Gloss Checker


Gloss is important visual property of object’s surface. The degree of light reflected from the object’s surface is termed glossiness. However, the perception of glossiness is subjective and depends on the weather conditions, physical abilities of watching person etc. The IG-340 gloss checker helps to quantify gloss measurement and perform objective numerical gloss value.

The gloss checker IG-340’s user friendly interface allows intuitive operations for instant gloss measurement on site. Due to ergonomic and light weight design the IG-340 can be hold and operated by one hand. High accuracy, repeatability and precision proven by more than 50,000 units sold worldwide makes it indispensable in object’s appearance check and quality control.

IG-340 uses very common measurement angel 60°, which allows accurate measurement from low gloss surfaces to highly pollished textures.


Brochure IG-340


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