Total fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt – validated for continuous operation

Time-consuming fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt is a standard quality assurance procedure in the food industry. Reduce the hands-on time of your lab staff by up to 80% and get to know the world’s only fully automated hydrolysis system for standard fat determination.

  • Fully automated – Reduces the workload of lab staff and increases reproducibility
  • Safe – The closed system protects you from contact with hazardous acids and fumes
  • Efficient – Process up to 6 samples in 90 minutes



Automation that saves you time and money

Insert sample, replace folded filter, close flap and start process – everything else is fully automated. HYDROTHERM takes care of controlling, filtering and monitoring the hydrolysis process for you, leaving your laboratory staff free to concentrate on other tasks. Unlike conventional manual methods, you only need half a minute of hands-on time per sample. With regards to consumables, the HYDROTHERM is undemanding: all you need is weighing paper and folded filters, both of which can be found in just about every lab. With a digestion capacity of up to 36 samples, you are well equipped even for larger order volumes. Thanks to the perfectly placed rinsing nozzles, the entire digestion is transferred to the filter, so none of your precious sample is lost.


Relaxed and safe hydrolysis

The closed system keeps hot liquids and acid fumes at bay. HYDROTHERM can therefore be placed outside the fume hood, saving valuable space while still optimally protecting your lab staff. All liquids are dosed and disposed of fully automatically, guaranteeing maximum safety and keeping the error rate to a minimum. Thanks to the sensitive sensors, you can constantly monitor the process parameters and fill levels in the laboratory or remotely via the network. In the event of a malfunction, HYDROTHERM switches off automatically, making permanent supervision unnecessary, even in continuous operation.


Reliable results at all times

Fully automated hydrolysis according to Weibull-Stoldt not only saves you time and resources, but also gives you the reassuring feeling of running a validated and reproducible digestion process. Automated documentation of all steps and instrument parameters lets you look forward to the next audit with peace of mind.

Wide sample spectrum

Whether your sample is solid or liquid, homogeneous or inhomogeneous, your hydrolysis for total fat determination is easy to do with the HYDROTHERM. Even food and feedstuffs with very low fat content can be analysed with ease, from raw products to convenience products.


The dream team for fully automated fat analysis

Combine fully automated hydrolysis with the universal extraction unit SOXTHERM and benefit from the only fully automated system for fat analysis on the market.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 870 x 480 x 880 mm
Weight approx. 85 kg


Downloads: Brochure Hydrotherm


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