HSP-2 Pot / Tray Heat Sealer

For lab scale / prototype production of repeatable high quality heat seals in pot / tray lidding film applications, up to 200mm x 300mm


The HSP-2 Pot Heat Sealer is a customisable technology to deliver high quality heat seals for pot/lidding film packaging. A custom made pot holder and sealing platen are specified for individual sealed packs, or multiple seals across a pack.

Pot loading is done manually, and the lidding film is either drawn off a small roll or placed manually. Panel controls give flexible setting of sealing parameters (temperature, pressure, dwell time), and alerts users to out of tolerance settings, or errors in the sealing sequence.

The robust frame, with ‘pack-in-place’ sensors, easy to use controls, and interlocked sliding guards ensure safe and repeatable operation, time after time.



  • Highly customisable technology to suit the application with heat sealing jaw configuration
  • Validate to ISO11607, or internal standards
  • High quality repeatable seals, not influenced by operator
  • Versatile applications for pots, containers, blister packs and trays, custom designs as required
  • Low Maintenance – 12 months between calibrations


  • Precise control of temperature, pressure and dwell time.
  • Precise pressure calibration of standard surface area jaw face
  • Jaws constructed in aluminium with precision ground faces
  • Range of jaw face surfaces including Flat Metal, and Teflon Coating


  • HSP-2: Flat or Profile sealing head up to 200 x 300mm (interchangeable with heaters and sensors) with sliding carriage carrying a customised pot holder (interchangeable). Heat Sealer control module with digital temperature, digital pressure and digital dwell timer (as per HSE-3)
HSP-2 Pot / Tray Heat Sealer meets the following standard, click on the link to purchase the standard ISO11607-2

Download: Brochure HSP-2 Pot Tray Heat Sealer