HL-5 Low Pressure Heat Sealer (Multi-Jaw)

HL-5 Low Pressure Heat Sealer used to determine the sealability of various papers, foils, laminates and films.


The Low Pressure Heat Sealer HL-5 allows you to determine the sealability of coated paper, aluminium foils and laminates as well as other heat-sealable multi-layer films. You can easily determine the optimum sealing parameters for any film types used for pressure-sensitive packaging applications.

Our design is based on proven technology to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Tests for research and development
  • Quality control during the production process


  • Five sealing jaws with individual temperature control and settings: Up to five sealings with different temperature settings can be run simultaneously in one operation.
  • Broad temperature range: For each of the five sealing jaws, you can preset a sealing temperature within the range of ambient to 250 deg C.
  • Fast determination of temperature profiles: By choosing five different sealing temperatures, you can create a complete temperature profile of the sealability in a single test operation.
  • Dwell time selectable for the whole range: For all five sealing jaws, you can preset a dwell time within the range of 0.1 sec to 99.9 sec.
  • Variable sealing pressure: The sealing pressure will be adjusted using sets of weights. By adding disc weights to the standard sealing jaws you can cover a sealing pressure within the range of 0.14 psi to 4 psi (0.1 N/cm2 to 2.76 N/cm2).
  • User friendly: The sealing process is initiated with the press of a button or via a footswitch.
  • Good reproducibility of the sealing results: High-quality components and an auto-tuning PID temperature control ensures reliable results.
  • Simple Test Equipment Monitoring: To assure the reliability of the test results (according to ISO 9001) the HL-5 is calibrated with traceable UKAS test equipment for temperature, pressure and dwell time. With each supply a calibration certificate is enclosed with the machine ensuring the instrument is working to within acceptable tolerances.
  • Customisation: Let us customize your machine to meet your specific test lab requirements.



The HL-5 simulates low pressure heat sealability under real life conditions. The two key parameters – Temperature and Dwell Time, can be exactly set from the panel controls. Using our standard set of weights (5 x 46 grms) to HL-5 applies a sealing pressure as low as 0.1 N/cm2 over the entire sealing area of 15mm x 30mm x 5. This sealing pressure can be adjusted to reach real life circumstances equivalent to 0.35 N/cm2 by adding disc weights to the sealing blocks, as measured on packaging machines during the process of sealing pressure-sensitive packaging processes.

The construction of the sealing blocks with their dimension and weights guarantees exact parallelism and evenly distributed sealing pressure across the entire sealing area of all sealing jaws. The five separately adjustable and self-tuning PID temperature controls ensure a high accuracy of the sealing temperature. Therefore, the HL-5 ensures excellent reproducibility of your test.



During the development process for new heat-sealable films, you can record a complete temperature profile with only one sealing operation. To do this, simply set five different temperature settings and a single dwell time and the required pressure at the sealing panel. Then, after the sealing process, evaluate the corresponding seal strength under the respective temperature condition. This is a quick and easy way for obtaining the most suitable sealing parameters for your new sensitive heat-sealable films.



Electrical connection: 230V 50hz, power consumption approx.. 700W (120V 50Hz on request)
Compressed air: External clean and dry compressed air max. 7 bar
Dimension: W60cm x D45cm x H25cm
Weight: 28Kg
Storage Temperature: 5°C to 50°C
Operating Temperature: 10°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity (RH): not more than 80%, non-condensing
Sealing Temperature: from ambient up to 250°C
Sealing Pressure: 0.1 N/cm² (0.01 bar) to 2.76 N/cm² (0.276 bar)
(entire sealing area)
Dwell Time: 0.1 sec to 99.9 sec
Sealing Area / jaw: 15mm x 30mm




  • Set of disc weights, 1 set comprising 2 x 100g, 2 x 20g, 5 x 10g, 5 x 2g
  • Template for cutting sample for testing
  • Seal strength tester for determination of seal strength


Download: Brochure HL5


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