HE-960CW – Panel-mount Type Conductivity Meter (Four-Wire Transmission, 2-channel)


HE-960CW connects conductivity sensor (ESH /FS Series) and measures conductivity and temperature in the sample water. It is ideal for the conductivity control of the purified water, pasteurized water, and water for injection that are used in the production of pharmaceuticals.
And we have developed a lineup of electric conductivity sensors that can be used in conjunction, from the conventional insertion type to the flow-through type with improved cleaning and sanitary properties.


Measuring range

Conductivity: 0 – 2000 μS/cm, 0 -200.0 mS/m
TDS: 0 – 2000 mg/L
Temperature: 0 – 100 ℃


Brochure HE-960CW



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