F-701-20 – PM MONITOR

Certified device for continuous monitoring of particulate matter concentrations in ambient air. Measures the absorption of beta radiation from a C-14 source by particulate matter.


Functionality: Radiometric measuring principle using beta radiation absorption



  • Low filter tape consumption: Intelligent optimization of filter tape consumption: filter spots are used up to 24 times depending on the amount of dust measured
  • Remote access: Device stores measurement data and status, error messages and parameters for at least nine months. This data can be called up on the display or with the RS232 interface
  • Reliable particulate matter monitoring: Automatic control functions and relative measuring method in comparison with a clean filter spot guarantee extremely stable daily average values
  • Easy installation and commissioning: Install and instantly start accurate measuring: accurate factory pre-calibration, gravimetric calibration is only needed if required by law



  • Certified for official ambient air particulate matter monitoring: Suitability-tested in accordance with EN 15267-3 for PM2.5 and PM10, sample inlets available in accordance with EN 12341:2014 and TSP VDI 2463
  • One device for all types of dust: Maintenance-free and drift-free source for material-independent monitoring of PM2.5 or PM10 or TSP
  • Easy integration into existing air measurement networks: Measurement cycle can be synchronized, suitable for all common interfaces, Bavaria-Hesse / Gesytec
  • Measurement independent of dust material thanks to beta radiation absorption measurement
  • Humidity has no influence on the measurement result: Heating of the sample gas at the filter holder as well as temperature and humidity measurement



  • Ambient air monitoring network for particulate matter monitoring
  • Mobile ambient air measurement vehicles
  • Dust measurement at work places
  • Long-term background studies of ambient air dust exposure
  • Measurement and collection of dust particles for analysis of heavy metals and other constituents
  • Dust measurement and collection in contaminated areas and storage facilities
  • Dust measurement of diffuse emissions, for example from construction sites or storage facilities (e.g. coal)


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