Erichsen Hydraulic Force Gauge – Model 332


This high quality hydraulic gauge is intended for permanent fitting into machines and installations of all kinds.

Due to its durable and robust construction, this hydraulic force gauge from Erichsen Wuppertal is highly suitable for rough operating conditions on permanent machines and installations.

The 332 model is supplied with a precise pressure gauge of 100 mm nominal diameter with zero point correction. A wide range of accessories are available to cover most applications.

Erichsen Force Gauge Model 332 Key Features:
– Precise 100mm manometer
– Manometer with Zero Point adjustment
– Load Range; 1kN (220Lbs) to 1000kN = 1MN (220,000Lbs)
– Accuracy: 1.6% of Full Scale
– High pressure hose and capillary tube options