DUMATHERM – the automatic nitrogen analyzer for high-throughput laboratories

If you determine the protein content of many samples every day, the automatic nitrogen analyzer DUMATHERM will inspire you:

  • Nitrogen determination of your samples is 70 times faster than with the Kjeldahl method.
  • The DUMATHERM operates without aggressive chemicals and therefore requires no space in the fume cupboard.
  • The DUMATHERM uses up less resources. The costs per sample are therefore lower, and you’ll work more economically.
  • All DUMATHERM components are easily accessible. Maintenance can be carried out within a few minutes. This gives you extra time for nitrogen determination compared to using other nitrogen



Ready to operate fast – results every 3 minutes

The automatic nitrogen analyzer heats up by itself and is ready to operate in only 30 minutes. By then you will have prepared 30 samples and transferred them to the DUMATHERM. From this point on, the nitrogen analyzer works automatically and at an amazing speed.

Instead of having to wait for 6 hours, you’ll receive analysis results every 3 minutes, allowing you to perform nitrogen determinations of up to 448 samples per day (approx. 150 samples per working day of 8 hours). There’s no way to determine the protein content of your samples faster or more relaxed.


Lowest operating costs for nitrogen determination

There are established systems that require ten times more oxygen for incineration than the best in class. At a price of EUR 150 for a 50 litre bottle, the DUMATHERM saves you more than EUR 3,000 per year.

As a carrier gas, helium is still the gold standard for nitrogen determination. It gives you higher accuracy and better reproducibility than systems using argon or CO2 as the carrier gas.

The N2 detector in the DUMATHERM is designed so it does not need the normally required reference cell in order to work at high precision. Your benefit is that the automatic nitrogen analyzer consumes 50% less helium than other systems. This saves you 10% to 50% of carrier gas costs, even compared with systems using argon or CO2.

And there’s more to save: compare the prices of accessories and spare parts. Using DUMATHERM ensures there will be no expensive surprises during operation.


Safer nitrogen determination than with Kjeldahl

Nitrogen determination according to Dumas is carried out in a compact, closed system mostly without using aggressive chemicals. Your benefit? More space in the lab and safer work conditions than before! From now on, you can use your fume cupboard for other tasks.

Using DUMATHERM you can do with these consumables:

  • Chromium-free reactor (optional)
  • No need to handle HT wool
  • Ready-to-use granules so there is not the usual dust development during sample preparation

Some automatic nitrogen analyzers come with autosamplers. But only the DUMATHERM assigns the samples absolutely clearly. So even on extremely busy days in the lab, you can be sure that no samples are mixed up.


Aqueous or solid? The DUMATHERM can analyze both sample types perfectly

80% solid samples on one day, 70% aqueous ones the next? This can be tough with a nitrogen analyzer. Except the DUMATHERM. Its three-stage water drainage separation completely removes the water from aqueous samples. This allows you to analyze the samples, one after the other, without your instrument being flooded.

Handling liquid samples is also fully under control with the DUMATHERM. The superabsorber, available as an accessory, fixates the sample’s water content and prevents evaporation. Once this is done, you can treat your liquid sample like a solid one. This allows you to use time delays to analyze your samples without having to worry about errors caused by evaporation.


Maintenance downtime? Not with the DUMATHERM

If you perform nitrogen determination on many samples every day, your nitrogen analyzer should be sturdy. The DUMATHERM is designed for continuous operation and maximum uptime.

All components of the automatic nitrogen analyzer are easily accessible. Leakage tests with the DUMATHERM do not take 15 minutes or even several hours, but only two minutes.

The operating lives of the parts that wear are made to match. Your benefit: because you replace all such components together, either once a year or after 12,000 analyses, your DUMATHERM is ready for nitrogen determination 99.8% of the year. A top value that others can only dream of.



Dimensions (W x D x H) 870 x 710 x 860 mm
Weight approx. 85 kg
Scope of delivery DUMATHERM complete with autosampler and
starter kit for approx. 1000 analysis
Operating manual


Downloads: Brochure Dumatherm


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