DMF-Powdered SPR System- Alto

Accelerate your drug discovery with the world’s first digital, high-throughput, benchtop SPR system.


Alto is the world’s first SPR instrument to integrate digital microfluidics (DMF) with nanotechnology-based biosensors.

DMF technology enables all fluidics to be disposable, allowing for precise handling of 2µL sample volumes, crude sample compatibility and zero fluidics maintenance. Alto’s compatibility with automation for both hardware and software provides sample-in/answer-out data, industry-leading throughput, and 24+ hours of unattended run time.

Every aspect of Alto is designed with user-friendliness and accessibility in mind-from the flexible 16 channel design to the intuitive data analysis platform.


Alto cartridges have completely revolutionized the interaction of fluidics and SPR sensors by integrating them into one disposable microwell plate.


Compatible With

Surface Chemistries

Technical Specifications

Association Rate (kon) Up to 1×10⁹ 1/M*s
Dissociation Rate (koff) 1×10⁻⁵–1.0 1/s
Affinity Range (KD) pM – mM
Core Detection Technology Localized SPR fiber optic biosensors
Data Channels 16
Analytes Up to 48 analytes/cartridge
Sample Volume 2μL
Reference:Standard 1:1
Dilutions Automated serial dilutions
Unattended Run Time 24+ hours
Compliance Please inquire for your specific needs
Instrument Size 1.5H x 1W x 1.5D (ft)
Instrument Weight 51 lbs