Extractive measurement of humid flue or process gases. For monitoring small to medium dust concentrations.


Functionality: Forward scattering



  • Dilution of the sample
  • Hyperkinetic gas extraction
  • Single-sided installation on stack
  • Automatic zero point and reference point check
  • Automatic measurement of contamination and correction of measured values
  • Local control panel and LC display



  • Suitable for plants with variable gas velocity
  • Long life time due to stable laser light source
  • Easy commissioning, adjustment and maintenance without PC



  • Emission measurement of humid flue gases
  • Measurement of humid process gases with small to medium concentrations


Technical Data:

Measuring principle Extraction of sample gas, dilution and heating for evaporation of H2O, forward scattering, single-sided installation
Measuring variable Stray light units, calibratable as dust concentration in mg/m³
Measuring range Minimum 0 … 15 mg/m³Maximum 0 … 200 mg/m³
Certified measuring range 0 … 15 mg/m³
Ambient conditions Installation location: Indoor or outdoor installation*Temperature: -20 … +50 °C
Operating conditions in duct Temperature: -25 … 220 °CRelative humidity: > 95 %, maximum 30 g/m³ H2O as aerosolRelative pressure: -30 … +2 hPa
Duct dimensions Minimum inner diameter: 0.4 m
Interface Analogue output: 4x 4 … 20 mA, maximum 1,000 Ohm, potential-freeDigital output: 4x NC/NO, maximum 35 VDC, 0.4 A
Operation and display Supply and display unit on the measuring device
Control functions Automatic zero point and reference point measurement, automatic contamination measurement and compensation
Light source Laser diode, red, 650 nm

* Weather protection cover required for outdoor installation



  • Suitable for extreme plant conditions
  • Low lifecycle costs


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