Sturdy, classic laboratory heater in tried and tested C. Gerhardt quality.

As a compact individual heater or space-saving serial heating unit for rational working in series.

For reliable and lasting intensive heating of laboratory glassware with a flat or rounded base.

Varied applications thanks to comprehensive range of accessories.

EV Laboratory heater

Individual heater or serial heating unit with 6 heaters for flat-bottomed laboratory glassware.
Each heater can be adjusted individually and continuously. Hotplate diameter 85 mm.

Flexible application thanks to support plate for larger beakers and flasks, interchangeable top moulds for round-bottomed tubes (e.g. Kjeldahl flasks) and airbath inserts to optimise heat distribution.

Can be equipped for classic hydrolysis or crude fibre apparatus or for classic Soxhlet extraction apparatus.


KI Flask heater

Individual heater or serial heating unit with 6 heaters for round-bottomed laboratory glassware.
Trough-shaped tubular heating elements in stainless steel reflectors ensure high application of energy.

1-unit for 50 – 250 ml or 250 – 1000 ml flasks

6-unit for 50 – 250 ml or 250 – 750 ml flasks
Each heater can be adjusted individually and continuously.

Can be equipped for classic digestion apparatus or for classic distillation apparatus.


Flexible and expandable

A comprehensive range of accessories provides you with an infinite variety of applications with just one laboratory heater:

  • 1000 ml glass beakers
  • 100 ml, 300 ml, 500 ml Erlenmeyer flasks
  • 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml Kjeldahl flasks
  • Interchangeable top moulds and airbath inserts
  • Ø 120 mm support plates to enlarge the hotplate
  • Glass cooling attachments
  • Holders and supports
  • Glass suction systems for distillation equipment
  • Glass sets for Soxhlet extraction
  • Cooling water feed pipes with shut-off valves
  • and the wide range of accessories for the classic equipment: extraction, crude fibre digestion, hydrolysis, digestion and distillation



Weight   2 kg (1-unit)
7 kg (6-unit for 50 – 250 ml flasks)
10 kg (6-unit for 250 – 750 ml flasks)
Scope of delivery Laboratory heater
Operating manual


Downloads : Brochure Laboratory Heater 


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