CF-800XS Precision Friction Tester

Touch Screen Precision Friction Tester for determining Static and Kinetic Friction of packaging materials to ASTM, BS, ISO and TAPPI standards


Testing to ASTM D1894, ISO 8295, TAPPI T549 and BS2782-824A, and more.

The successful processing of flexible films or paper and board is largely dependent on the correct coating of ‘SLIP’ additives applied to the material. The successful forming of the material requires easy sliding or flow over formers on the packaging machine where at high speed acute angles can change the direction of flow to produce a tube or pouch. The application of ink on the film, will cause the properties of slip to change, therefore the need to measure and control Coefficient of Friction is paramount.

Accuracy and versatility in testing is vital, and the CF-800XS provides the technology and range of options to deliver for your specific needs. An intelligent controller and touch screen user interface stores multiple settings for later recall, and controls settings to ensure calibrated accuracy to international testing standards.




  • Versatility to meet ASTM, BS, ISO and TAPPI standards
  • Integral controller and data analysis for stand alone use in laboratory and production environments, optional pc data acquisition
  • Convenient built in graphical display of test data and trends over multiple samples
  • Simple test set up and memory of settings for later recall makes switching between methods fast
  • Low Maintenance – 12 months between calibrations


  • 5.7″ touch screen controller for precise control and measurement of force, distance and speed
  • Memory recipe function for quick and accurate recall of settings
  • Vacuum suction across the test bed for fast clamping of test material
  • Optional heated test bed for determination of ‘Hot Slip’ values.



  • Bed Material: Natural anodised cast aluminium
  • Sled Material: Anodised aluminium with foam contact pad with density of 0.25/cm
  • Speed Control: 10 – 1000mm/min +/- 10mm/min
  • Force Reading: 0-1000.0 grammes +/- 0.25% Fro (other loads can be specified)
  • Coefficient of Friction Reading: Calculated value from sled used 0-1.00 +/- 0.25% Fto
  • Touch Panel: LCD, 256 Colour, QVGA, 320 x 240 pixels, 14.48cm diagonal viewing.
  • Screen: Touch screen, analogue resistive (gonze) with serial controller. Processor Geode SC2200. 266 MHz MMX compatible. 2 mbyte, on board flash memory for firmware. 64 MB Dram main memory.
  • Vacuum: Air pressure of 80 – 100 PSI supply with venture generated vacuum pulling +90 % vacuum
  • Temperature: Ambient to 100ºC +/- 5ºC (when specified)
  • Drive: DC synchronous motor/gear box driving ball screw and crosshead. Speed Feedback: Via in line encoder
  • Output: RS232 C
  • Power: 240 VAC single phase 50/60 Hz (110V AC available on request) 0.75 KW max
  • Environment: 5-50°C ambient operating temperature, RH 75% max (noncondensing)
CF-800XS Precision Friction Tester meets the following standards, click on the links to purchase the standards ASTM D1894ISO 8295, and TAPPI T549 

RDM Test Equipment have set the standard in precision and reliability for over 30 years.


Download: Brochure CF-800XS Precision Friction Tester