CF-200i Inclined Plane Coefficient of Friction Tester

The CF-200i Inclined Plane Co-efficient of Friction Tester determines the static friction properties of plastic films, foils, laminates, papers and boards.


The equipment performs tests to recognised International Test Standards including ASTM D4918, G219, TAPPI T815, T503, T548 and NFQ 03083.


Slide angle friction is a measurement of a sheet like substrate such as paper, plastic film, thin board, corrugated board etc. which determines the angle of inclination at which one substrate affixed to a sled will begin to slide/slip against another substrate of a similar material affixed to a bed.

During a test an inclined plane bed is tilted at a rate of 1.5°+/- 0.5° per second by and electric motor until the test sled begins to slide. The initial movement of the sled is the slide angle or coefficient of STATIC friction of the material. When the test sled begins to slide a photo-optical sensor automatically stops the inclined plane bed. At that position the angle is measured and recorded, and the tangent of that angle is displayed. This represents the Coefficient of STATIC friction.

A variety of factors can affect the slide angle measurement including abrasion, coatings, varnishes, printing, temperature and humidity.




Paper, plastic film, packaging films, paperboard, corrugated board, foils, and other sheet like materials.



  • Digital touch screen panel for setting up test and selecting test speed.
  • Displays slip angle and tangent of angle.
  • Automatic sample counter.
  • USB output of up to 200 results, csv format.
  • 0 to 80° tilt angle of bed.
  • Variable bed speed 0.5°/sec to 3.0°/sec in 0.5° steps.
  • Bed dimensions 265mm x 150mm.
  • Photo-Optical sensor to detect the sled movement and end the test.
  • Conforms to ASTM D4918, G219, TAPPI T815, T548, T503, NFQ 03083 and ASTM D202 with optional test sled.


  • Touchscreen colour display showing results and simple set-up of test speed.
  • Motor-driven tilting of inclined plane bed.
  • Accurate measurement of slip angle and tangent STATIC coefficient of friction.
  • Photo-Optical sensor automatically stops the test after initial sled movement.
  • Measures slide angle and tangent STATIC coefficient of friction.

Ordering Information

Instrument Item number CF-200i supplied complete with sled CF200i-05 for TAPPI T548 63.5mm x 63.5mm, 200g. Substitute test sled can be ordered with no price difference, or can be ordered in addition.


CF-200i-exl is an optional model available with larger bed size of 450mm x 300mm suitable for larger heavier sleds, as shown in image below.

CF-200i Inclined Plane Coefficient of Friction Tester meets the following standards, click on the links to purchase the standards ASTM D4918G219, and TAPPI T815

RDM Test Equipment have set the standard in precision and reliability for over 30 years.


Download: Brochure CF-200i Inclined Plane Coefficient of Friction Tester


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