Performance in TOC analysis meets ease of use


The technology of the acquray® is based on a wet-chemical oxidation process supported by highly energetic UV radiation. This combination ensures complete digestion of all organic compounds and leads to precise measurement results. The modular concept allows the attachment of optional extra modules to the total organic carbon (TOC) base module for liquid samples. Modules for the determination of TOC, residual oxidizable carbon (ROC) and total inorganic carbon (TIC) in solids, total nitrogen (TN) in liquids and total phosphorus (TP) in liquids can be flexible attached anytime. The instrument comes with predefined methods, easy, intuitive calibration procedures and auto-alerts you when maintenance is needed. This makes the acquray series the ideal solution for routine labs that require instruments with high laboratory efficiency and minimal down-time by low investment costs.




Highlights of the acquray


Highest sensitivity for precise measurement results

due to the high injection volumes up to 40 ml and the precise infrared (IR) detector


Outstanding instrument flexibility for your analytical needs

thanks to a completely customizable instrument concept with extra modules for TOC, TIC, ROC in solids, TN and TP in water

Easy & fast analyses

because of the user-friendly instrument concept for daily routine operation

Time saving sample preparation & autosampler

with the up to 111 position autosampler with automatic acidification for NPOC determination for safe, unattended 24/7 operation.




Highest sensitivity for precise measurement results

The acquray is capable to handle high injection volumes up to 40 ml. In combination with the precise infrared detector (IR), the use higher injection volumes leads to a very low limit of detection of only a few ppb. The technology of the acquray is based on a wet-chemical oxidation process, that is supported by highly energetic UV radiation at different wave lengths. This powerful UV/persulfate digestion ensures complete digestion of even very stable organic carbon compounds and leads to highly accurate measurement results.


Outstanding instrument flexibility for your analytical needs

The acquray series with its modular concept offers an industry-leading versatility. Additional extra modules can be attached to the TOC base module at any time. For high sample throughput, an autosampler is available, offering several carousels for different sample vial sizes. An optional module with a powerful dynamic furnace for solid samples can be used either for the advanced TOC400, TIC900 and ROC analysis of solids via temperature ramping or classic TOC determination in pre-acidified samples at 900 °C. Completing the package, another two unique modules are available that enable the determination of total nitrogen (TN) in liquids and total phosphorus (TP) in liquids. Thus, acquray is the world’s first UV/persulfate TOC analyzer with a TN and/or a TP option.

Easy & fast analyses for daily routine operation

The acquray series is designed for maximum robustness and minimal maintenance effort, thus providing industry-leading system uptime. The clearly arranged, easy-accessible system components minimize time-consuming maintenance work. The intuitive, user friendly software offers easy control the instrument, easy calibration features and auto-alert functions for maintenance intervals. This makes it incredibly easy to perform analyses with the acquray.

Time saving sample preparation & autosampler

The autosampler with up to 111 positions is optimized for safe, unattended 24/7 overnight operation. Just prepare your samples and start the analysis before you finish your day and see your analysis results the next morning. Furthermore, the autosampler offers automated acidification for the measurement of the non-purgeable carbon (NPOC), making sample preparation easier, safer and faster. Thus, you can enjoy smooth analyses and confidence in your results.


Analytical specifications

Analysis method

UV-/persulfate digestion for injection volumes up to 40 ml for the determination of NPOC, TOC, TIC and TC in liquids. Option for simultaneous colorimetric determination of total nitrogen (TN) und total phosphorus (TP) in liquids. Option for the determination of TOC, TOC400, TC, ROC and TIC900 in solids compliant with DIN 19539 (true temperature ramping) or EN 15936.

Large detection range

From low ppb up to percent carbon for liquids.

Fully automated operation

Automated and unattended operation is possible by the autosampler, automated acidification module and PC-control through Windows®*. Furthermore, optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software is available.

In accordance with official standards

The acquray series operates in full compliance with all relevant national and international standards such as ISO 8245, EPA 415.3, ASTM D4839, SM 5310 C, EN 1484 (all about TOC in liquids), DIN 19539, EN 15936 (both about TOC in solids), ISO 29441 (TN in liquids), and ISO 15681 (TP in liquids).


Options/ Accessories

Automated acidification

Automated acidification for NPOC determination in liquids.

Certified liquid TOC standards

Certified liquid TOC standards for instrument calibration, qualification procedures or troubleshooting.

TN and TP module

Free configurable options for total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) in liquids. TN and TP concentrations are determined by using flow injection analysis (FIA) and photometric detection compliant with ISO 29441 for nitrogen and ISO 15681-1 for phosphorus.

Solid module

True temperature ramping for TOC400, ROC, TIC900 determination in solids compliant with DIN 19539. Alternative gas switching for combination of oxidizing and non-oxidizing carrier gases in one course to separate ROC and TIC. Isothermal catalytic combustion for the determination of TOC in solids compliant with EN 15936.

Control and evaluation unit

PC with hard disk, CD/DVD-ROM drive, Windows® operating system (English), control- and evaluation software acquray, TFT flat screen monitor, ink jet printer with connection cable.

Gas generator

As an alternative to gas cylinders also compressors can be used for the carrier gas supply. We offer gas generators for purifying the generated gas according to the analytical requirements.

Electronic analytical balance (solid mode)

Balance and elemental analyzer form a system. We offer convenient analytical balances from the leading manufacturers with our instruments. Automatic weight transfer from balance to software is possible.


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