Aquamax KF Reagents – Single shot Karl Fischer Reagent


Aquamax KF Reagent A is a general coulometric KF anolyte for use with generator electrodes which incorporate a frit or diaphragm to separate the anode and cathode chambers. Used in conjunction with Reagent C this formulation is supplied in a pack of 8 x 100ml bottles, 8 x 5ml cathode vials, all conveniently located in a single carton.

To conform to ASTM, API, EI, ISO (plus others) methodology for water content determination of oil and petroleum products, the anode regent must be modified with xylene to improve sample solubility and miscibility. Aquamax KF Reagent is pre-mixed with xylene, and other solubilizers to eliminate side reactions, so that the operator does not have to store or mix chemicals.

We conducted extensive comparison trials of Aquamax KF Reagents against other leading brands with very positive results. Using water standards ranging from 10 μg water up to 10,000 μg water under controlled conditions we found Aquamax KF A and KF C to be equivalent in performance accuracy to the other brands but much faster in titration speed and with lower background drift values. Aquamax KF Reagents, performed much faster than other special oil reagents and at the 10,000 μg count level (as required by ASTM methods), gave a result of 10,004 μg which is within 0.04%.

Aquamax KF Reagents combine speed and accuracy

• Single shot bottles
• Safer to use
• Safer to store
• Low cost
• Faster precondition
• Reduced downtime
• Improved sample miscibility / solubility
• For use with all coulometers

Ordering information

Part No: 303.18.0002

Product description: Aquamax KF Reagent Kit (8 x 100ml anode plus 8 x 5ml cathode)