Aquamax KF Plus – water determination in the ppm range


The Aquamax KF Plus titrator was developed for the simple determination of water content in liquids.

The Aquamax KF Plus meets the standards for water determination ASTM D 1533, ASTM D 3401, ASTM D 4928, ASTM D 6304, ASTM D 6869, ASTM D 7995, ASTM E 1064, API Ch. 10.9, BS 6829:1.5, EI/IP 386, EI/IP 438, IEC 60814, ISO TC 158/SC, ISO 10101-1, ISO 10101-3, ISO 10337, ISO 12937 (see Standard Conformance ).

The method is based on the coulometric Karl Fischer titration. The sample is dosed directly into the measuring cell.

The iodine required for the titration is generated by electrolysis. The electricity required for this is measured and converted into the water content. The results are absolute values, no calibration is required.

The Aquamax KF Plus is a versatile device with an intuitive control panel. The design of the robust measuring cell guarantees a very low drift.

With the Aquamax KF Plus , the water content in liquids can be reliably determined. It is suitable for numerous applications with direct injection into the measuring cell.


The Aquamax KF Plus is easy to use:

– press the start button
– dose the sample
– read the result

Everything else runs automatically.

   SWOP Box – universal reagent exchange module for all Karl Fischer titrators (regardless of the manufacturer)


  • hydrocarbons
  • Lubricating oil
  • engine oils
  • hydraulic oils
  • insulating oils
  • transformer oils
  • mineral oils
  • crude oils
  • petroleum products
  • Organic Liquids
  • solvent


  • Easy handling
  • 10 programmable measurement methods
  • Measuring range 1ppm / 100%
  • Result in ppm, mg/kg, % and µg water
  • Multilingual display & printout
  • little need for space
  • Integrated printer
  • Integrated battery
  • Portable
  • Low drift cell


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