Solar radiation

Radiometers for measuring global, net, diffuse, direct incident long and short wave radiation. UV-A, UV-B and insolation duration sensors.


Global solar radiation



Pyranometers for measuring the global irradiance, direct and diffuse radiation, on a plane surface





Calibrated Cell

Cella calibrata


High-performance calibrated cell. What really sets it apart from the rest of the market is the fact that this sensor is available in different cell technologies





Net solar radiation

Solar radiation (net)


Sensor to measure net radiation: balance between the incoming sun and sky radiation and the ground-reflected short-wave and ground-emitted long-wave radiation





UV-A and UV-B radiometers

Radiometri UV-A and UV-B


Radiometer with broad spectral response for measuring of atmospheric irradiance in the UV-A and UV-B spectrum








Luxmeter probes to measure illuminance in long term outdoor applications according to the response of the human eya (Vlambda CIE curve)




Sunshine duration meter

Durata dell'insolazione


The sensor measures sunshine duration and direct radiation from the sun





Direct Radiation (DNI)

Image module


Research grade normal incidence direct solar irradiance sensor (DNI), also known as pyrheliometer for short wave direct solar radiation