200 Series Gas Chromatograph

Innovative Compact Single Channel GC; Redefining the GC

Ellutia Ltd UK: a world-renowned expert in Gas Chromatography instruments and have been providing innovative solutions to diverse analytical challenges for over two decades. The Ellutia Gas Chromatography 200 Series GC offers simple to operate, affordable Gas Chromatograph that doesn’t compromise on analytical performance.



Ellutia Ltd UK is a world-renowned expert in Gas Chromatography instruments and have been providing innovative solutions to diverse analytical challenges for over two decades. Their systems are designed to be smaller, faster, give greater sensitivity and be more energy efficient, achieving reduced power usage and heat output over conventional GCs.

Redefining the GC

The 200 Series GC was originally created out of an idea to be able to offer a compact, simple to operate, affordable gas chromatograph.

Save Space
Compact footprint saves on valuable laboratory bench space 

Save Energy
Low power consumption reduce energy used per sample

Save Money
Simple robust design means not paying for features you don’t need

The Heat Exchanger
The Heart of the 200 Series GC is its unique flow through oven and heat exchanger system. In most conventional GC’s ambient air is drawn into the oven it then passes through a heater to heat the air and ultimately the oven. Whilst an effective and proven technique the energy and heaters required to heat ambient air to temperatures used in GC are considerable.

What do you actually use?
Whilst it may be tempting to chase specifications and try to offer the biggest numbers and the most features, at Ellutia we believe the best products are those with clarity and focus on what they want to achieve. To achieve the original goals of being smaller, more energy efficient and more affordable we knew we would need to consider what a typical GC user actually needs.

Do they need an oven that can heat up to temperatures hotter than the majority of columns can with stand? – No.

Do they really need two channels or are most users only running one sample at a time? – No.

Do Column ovens need to be big square boxes or are we just wasting energy heating extra space? – No.

What features are required to ensure the quality of the chromatography still matches larger conventional instrument?

Compact Size
The smaller column oven to minimize dead volume, only having a single injector and detector, a column oven temperature limit of 300˚C (A lower upper temperature brings a number of upsides you don’t require as much insulation, you can use smaller heaters which only require smaller power supplies). All of these allowed us to dramatically reduce the size and weight of the 200 Series GC.

In the 200 Series GC, we use a unique heat exchanger system. This allows air to pass into the GC through one side of the heat exchanger, through a heater and into the oven. The Oven is specifically designed so that incoming air circles the oven creating a consistent temperature profile before exiting back out via a heat exchanger. As the hot air from the oven passes back out via the heat exchanger it transfers much of its heat to the incoming air passing through on the other side. This retention of heat within the GC makes the heating process many times more efficient meaning less power is required and consequently smaller heaters can be used.

When it comes to cooling down the Heat Exchanger can be bypassed allowing ambient air to pass through the oven to rapidly cool. 

Detector Options
The 200 Series GC has a range of detector choices to cover a wide range of applications and industries
Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
– Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
– Electron Capture Detector (RCD)
– Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)
– Heated Transfer Line to Other Detectors

Inlet options
Split/splitless injector supplied as standard with all instruments

Split linearity better than 3% up to 200:1

Injector temperature range 60 – 280˚C

Optional capillary on-column adaptor

Optional automatic and manual gas sampling valves

Column Oven
Accommodates all capillary columns up to 7-inch cage, maximum length 120m (5-inch cages required above 60 metres)

Optional packed column capability

Temperature ranges from 15˚C above ambient to 300˚C

5 ramp temperature programming

Download Brochure:  ELL_R_065_Brochures_1-200_Series


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