FibreBag-Technology for the determination of crude fibre, ADF-, NDF- and ADL-fractions

FibreBag is an innovative filtration method from C. Gerhardt for determining the crude fibre, ADF, NDF and ADL fractions in feedstuffs. It avoids common problems in the classic filtration method using frits and filter beds, simplifies handling and digestion of the samples and ensures better and more reliable analysis results. In the FibreBag method, digestion and filtration are carried out in a large filter bag made of a high-precision special textile that standardises the filtration conditions so that they are reproducible.


Easy and safe fibre analysis

FIBRETHERM – cleverly thought-out details and practical accessories make it easier to handle the samples, improve the result and increase the level of safety in the laboratory.

High-quality components and comprehensive safety functions ensure trouble-free operation and make it possible to run the device without monitoring it.


Automated fibre analysis with FIBRETHERM

FIBRETHERM automates the time-consuming, manpower-intensive digestion and filtration processes for determining the various fibre fractions in feedstuffs.


Steady digestion and filtration conditions

FIBRETHERM works in accordance with the globally applicable standard methods for fibre analysis, the Weende feed analysis method and method of van Soest and delivers reproducible results with maximum precision.


Flexible for all sample- and fibre fractions

The FibreBag technology can be used to determine all fibre fractions in feedstuffs. As well as the crude fibre content (XF), this also includes the entire ADF and NDF determination process, including ADFOM, aNDFOM and ADL values. Thanks to the large sieve area, the method is much more efficient, reliable and flexible than comparable methods.


Manual fibre analysis with FibreBag

You can also exploit the benefits of the FibreBag technology when carrying out manual fibre analysis (Manual FibreBag Systems). Space-saving systems with 1 or 6 heaters are available for this purpose. This allows up to 36 samples to be processed.



Order data 13-0026 FIBRETHERM FT12,
12-place, automatic system, 230 V
Dimensions (W x D x H) 340 x 640 x 860 mm FIBRETHERMFT12,
12-place, automatic system, 230 V
Weight 42 kg – FIBRETHERM




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